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The NATO Flu.

For more detailed analysis of how the covid-19 pandemic has been a New York/London/Brussels affair I recommend the analysis by Andrew Mather. His videos for the last few months have dissected what I put forward here in much more detail and he has also shown how the rest of the world like Asia and Africa have actually not experienced a severe crisis like in the Western world.

I would also say that even though NATO (U.S. and U.K. especially) have in the past thirty years used their political, financial and military power to change regimes in other countries like Iraq, the Balkans, Lybia and Syria I would say that NATO is now covertly changing society or the regime of the nations it is supposed to represent like the United States, the U.K and the E.U. in order to bring in the "new normal" or making the West more like China. (authoritarian police state).

So what is my conclusion in terms of why the Powers that Be, the Anglo-American Empire or the Globalist have, in my opinion, engineered this crisis? Well, I would say they are not letting this "once in a lifetime" go to waste and are therefore killing many birds with one stone so to speak. Here is a list of the birds:

  1. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Davos Man's Great Economic Reset.

2. The bailout of the Everything Bubble that has been blown ever since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 as they did not reform the system but tried to fix it with even more of the problem which of course is even more debt.

3. James Wolfensohn's Big Shift which was the title of a speech he gave to the Stanford University Graduate School of Business in January of 2010. Wolfensohn, a former City of London and Wall Street banker insider who was head of the World Bank, described the Globalist Agenda of bringing up the development of the Third-World or the Non-West in order to help shift the wealth from the First World or Developed Countries. He noted that in the immediate Post-WWII period to when Globalisation started in earnest in the early 1990s the West or about 20% of the World population held 80% of the wealth while the rest of the world only held 20%. In this speech at Stanford, he said he expected this ratio to shift from 80/20 to 35/65 in favour of the rest of the world and especially China and India by 2050. I would say that this current crisis is definitely putting a dent on the West in terms of its economies and wealth relative to China, Asia and even Africa. I highly recommend listening to Wolfensohn mainly because he is an insider and knows what is going on.

There could be other birds the Powers that Be might be killing with the covid-19 stone but the three I mentioned above are, in my opinion, the most important one.


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