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The Impending Eruption Crisis - Silver Extinction by Bai Xiaojun

The impending Eruption Crisis of Silver Extinction
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That is eye opening document. Currently we are using up the rear earth metals Lithium(car/electronics batteries), Cobol (Lithium battery production), Vanadium (metal tool hardness), Neodymium(powerful magnets for cars, Tantalum (capacitors), Yttrium( phone/computer display screens, Dysprosium (wind generators), Europium(red phosphorus, TV, mobile phones, computer), Ytterbium (lasers), Tellurium (stainless steel), Zirconium (capacitors), Tantalum (high tech capacitors, Cerium/Lanthanum (catalytic converters), Erbium(laser, x-ray machines. These metal are far less abundant than silver. If any of these metals run out the impact on modern society will be huge. copper, silver and some gold is used in relatively large quantities for electric motors, power generation, computer circuits compared to rear earth metals. In order to recycle these metals there is a need to solve the processin…


Gold in the Bible represents God's divine incorruptible eternal uncreated life and nature. Silver represents the redeemed regenerated uplifted human nature living a life of full dependence on Him the resurrected One. Only by such a life can we truly be freed from this corrupted, evil, dark satanic world usurped by Satan. Many Christians who are living in this satanic system have not seen that mammon is unrighteous but in the hand of the righteous if mammon is consecrated to God only than can it be used by God.

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