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Socialism: Everyone Trying To Live at the Expense of Everyone Else.

I was supposed to be in Breda, Holland today speaking at an investment conference. Flights and accommodation paid for and €500 to speak for about 40 minutes. I was looking forward to it as it would have been a first for me. I ended up losing about £100 as I got a partial refund for the return flight to Rotterdam. I guess I could try to recover the £100 from the organisers but on the other hand, I never got there. Am I going to claim any of this from the chancellor? No, as I don’t think strangers should cover my loss as I made the decisions that led to the current situation. So why should people be compensated by taxpayers (me) because their jobs have evaporated as well! Where does one draw the line?

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In 1773 Meyer Rothschild 30 years old, held the conference inviting twelve rich and powerful people in Frankfurt. The purpouse of the conference was to raise money for helping and directing World Revolutionary Movement to grab all the property, resouece, manpower in the world.

-Pawns In The Game by William G Carr


Bill Garrett
Bill Garrett
Mar 21, 2020

What an appropriate poster. When you keep feeding the rabbits. Soon. You have way too many to continue feeding. 😐😰

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