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Silver is the Currency of Gentlemen and Paper is the Currency of Slaves.

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Hello Mario . Just to thank you for all your videos and articles in your blog .I was pleased to have found an article about Money in a little known newspaper called the thelightpaper . It claims to be the only paper in the UK which tells the truth. The article Titled " A brief history and the future of money" can be found on page 3 of issue 15 of the paper. The Lightpaper is people funded and given out free in most town centres in uk on Fridays and Saturdays. Its refreshing to know that the message is getti…


Good afternoon Mario,

Not sure if you received my chat messages. I just saw your video today and I would like to share some thoughts. Please if you are interested contact me via twitter in @aleoncebrian.

Alberto PD: If you received my messages but you do not want to get in touch, apologies, it was not my intention to bother you.


Bill Garrett
Bill Garrett
Jul 26, 2021

Storing metals in safety deposit boxes. / or anywhere not in your physical control /is a poor idea. Last year the banks were closed for weeks due to the virus. And no question this will occur again soon. Aside from the contents simply being confiscated. Last week my bank closed my credit line / which I had had 20 years / without notifying me. Dark clouds are gathering. In my view. At this point. Storing foods water and supplies are the paramount consideration.

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